Caritas mini info

WHAT TO EXPECT  and how to prep

Thank you so much for booking with me. 


Please know your session is going to be awesome and you do not need to worry or stress at all! 

Come relaxed. Have the mindset that this is gonna go amazing!

Start telling your kiddos about the photos. "we will go to a studio! You will sit and give your best smile and silly faces." "Karla will direct you..."


Bring wipes and lotion to make sure your kiddo's face is clean and moisturized before their session!

I will send you a send proof gallery to select your 10 images. Once you have selected your included images, I will send you a new email with the download information.

All images will be delivered in black and white.

If you choose to add-on the full gallery you will skip the proofing process and receive your images sooner and in color!

Any questions please let me know!

**make sure your kiddos have had their nap and are well fed ;)


Vue - Nashville

100 Taylor St Suite A24, Nashville, TN 37208

There is parking onsite! make sure you scan the QR code and put your parking info. parking is free for 90 mins for guests of the building.

Please come inside and wait outside the studio. I will come get you to make sure the kiddos before you don't get shy.

There is a restroom you're welcome to use if you need to! it is located past the studio in the little hallways where in the video there is a poster with the word "Femme" (that exact same poster may not be there as the change the art for new artists at the time)


Mini sessions are every 10 minutes.  We are working around a very fixed schedule back-to-back. It is very important for everyone arrives at least 10 minutes before your scheduled session time to start getting prep.

Please keep in mind if you arrive late, we cannot go past your scheduled time since there will be another person ready to begin right after your session. 


Bring a solid white or black t-shirt. I have been loving the white plain shirt the most ❤️

*no collars, graphics, or logos

If you have any questions for me, please let me know! You can text me during business hours (9am-5pm) 615-400-3336 or email me at or IG DM @karladerryphotography

I am here to help every step of the way!