photographer, concert goer, coffee drinker, nature lover to name a few...


I am Karla, the girl behind the camera.

A little about me, I was born in Mexico City, so I speak Spanish, well Spanglish.  I was raised in Nashville. I am a crazy dog mom to a goldendoodle that goes by Toby. I’ve been married for six years now; that's where the Derry comes from. If I had used my maiden name for my photography business it would've been Corona. Then the whole Coronavirus happened... so I am lowkey glad I used Derry instead, haha!

I am based in Nashville, Tennessee, but I'm always open to travel! I love all adventures, so if you want a session which takes an hour or more to hike to the perfect location, count me in!


I've always loved art. I used to draw often way back when. One of my first career choices was to be a graphic designer. I used to always carry a little digital camera with me everywhere I went. Yep, I was that person on trips who would make you pose in front of random things to take a picture. 


*young Karla in 2010


I soon realized I loved photographing people and their stories. I have been photographing for over 14 years now. I picked up the camera as a hobby, and 7 years ago, Karla Derry Photography was born.


I love capturing moments where people can look back and remember the day instantly. I try to keep it fun for everyone. One of my goals for your photo shoot is to capture real moments and laughter. I want your session to be a fun experience and not a stressful event.


I focus capturing couples for their engagement, anniversary, first maternity session, or just for fun!


I also love capturing individual portraits, whether it’s for your birthday, senior, or graduation portraits, or just because why not! There is something so fun about capturing this amazing milestone! And if you bring champagne or confetti, I am here for it! I am open to travel anywhere if it’s outside of Nashville for a small fee depending on the distance. 


Family sessions are always so much fun! Parents usually try to panic and avoid family sessions in fear their little ones won’t cooperate, but let me tell you I am here to help! I always try to have the perfect photo of everyone looking at the camera, but that sometimes doesn’t go as planned so we get many memories of you playing around with your babies. I focus on capturing real smiles and laughter rather than trying to force a smile. 


Feel free to look around my work and message me any questions you may have.

Thank you for stopping by!

concerts are life lol!

Feel free to send me a quick message with any questions you may have!

*Please note it takes 2-3 weeks to receive your proofs and up to 2 weeks to receive the final edits so plan accordingly! *Please note all appointments must be made with at least 8 weeks in advance, some exceptions can be made based on availability Thanks!


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