Having a session in your home is super fun as you are in your element! Here are a few tips to keep in mind to prepare for your session!

·      Try to declutter a little. It doesn’t have to be perfect at all. We want to capture life as it is! Just a little tidy up will do the trick. No need for squeaky clean.


·      We will be using all the natural light! We don’t have to walk all over your house and do photos in every room. Let’s find the rooms with the best natural light. 


·      Get your outfits ready! For in home session think more of natural tones for your clothing. Cream colors, off white, pastel tones, flowy dresses, or casual jeans and tee! Don’t worry about shoes! We are in home so you can be as comfy as you’d like! 


·      If kids are included, make sure everyone is feed and ready to go! Maybe start feeding 30 minutes before my arrival and have diapers changed. 


Let me give you confidence by saying first of all that your shoot is going to be awesome and know that 99% of the time the first 10 minutes of any photoshoot can feel uncomfortable until you relax into it and feel confident in front of the camera! I'll always prompt and direct you. The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures, but to capture this exciting stage in your life, exactly as it is now.