Dress Rental information - Please Read

Rentals are priced for 24 hours local only!

*a valid credit card is required to be on file at all times

To rent, please send me the dress you would like, date, your name, number and email, the location your session is taking place, and your photographer 's name.

Full Payment is due at booking to secure your dress(es)

Pick up and drop off will be in Nashville - location will be disclosed after booking.

*Please note some of the gowns are limited to some areas! They can't go in the water, tall grasses, or areas where the dress can get torn. The limited locations for this would be areas with mowed grass, or paved areas.

*Please make sure to wear the proper undergarments. I recommend nude colored undergarments if your gown will be see through.

-Sizing: Most dresses are adjustable XS-XXL. If you have a concerned on sizing, please let me know. The dress(es) come as is and you may not alter the dress in any form of way. If you need to, you may use clips to adjust to size. 

-Try-on: Unfortunately you cannot try on a dress before renting it. Sizes are listed and most dresses fit up to size 16 as they are corset back or tieback. The size for each dress is as stated on the listing. Any questions before booking please let me know.

-Dresses are subject to availability

-Most dresses are maternity and non maternity!

Dresses are to be used for photoshoots only. You cannot take this dresses to party, in the water, or anywhere the dresses could get damaged. You cannot use smoke bombs, sparkers, etc.

Please treat the dress as if it were your own!

-By renting a dress(es) from Karla Derry Photography you agree to treat the dress(es) with care. Agreement must be sign and payment must be made at booking.

-If the dress is damaged you agree to pay the cost to repair or the cost to replace the dress from $200-$650 depending on the value of the dress.

-If you don't return the dress after 24 hours your card on file will be charged every day the dress is not returned. After 5 days you will be billed for the cost of the dress.

-Failure to pay will result in pursue of legal action toward you. ( I don't want to do this! So please don't make me!)

-Please communicate with me if anything happens instead of ghosting me and keeping the dress(es).

You, the renter, will be responsible for spot cleaning the dress(es) (if needed) with warm water and soapy water (oxiclean or nonbleach soap). Remove any leaves, twigs, or/and dirt if the hem gets dirty.

-Spot Hand wash only if needed!

Thank You!

Enjoy the dress and have fun!